Professional Interior Car Detailing

Why would you drive with a dirty car while you can enjoy your ride with a band new looking one? We at Wash O’clock offer you’re a perfectly designed service plan to allow you get your car cleaned. This means that your vehicle will have an interior car detailing experience by the hands of well-trained professionals using special set of car wash products as well as following a set of methods that will be executed to clean your vehicle to a primal state. We offer mobile auto detailing in Vaughan, North York, Toronto, Mississauga, GTA and surroundings areas. Our team comes to you and do a full interior detail.

Enjoy the ultimate interior detailing experience for your car. Whether it’s your first time to get your car detailed or it is your 100th time it never matters because we are here to make your car shine.

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What does Interior Car Detailing with Wash O'clock stand for?

Detailing your car with Wash O’clock means that it will be pampered and reconditioned. In other words, it will look brand new. Getting a thorough cleaning of the interiors of your car with Wash O’clock means that even the crumbs of that very special cookie you ate will definitely be cleaned away… LOL! We proudly share that we are specialized in cleaning dust, dirt, dried in stains, scuffs, and other grime from the interior of your car.

At Wash O’clock we don’t only take care of exterior mobile care detailing, but we also take care of interior mobile car detailing. We aim to leaving your car look like it is a brand new one from the inside and out at the same time. For this reason, our well-trained team uses various of high-quality cleaning products alongside with their professional touch to make sure that your vehicle will have the best care possible. Our brilliant mobile interior car detailing service will leave your car feeling fresh and looking like a diva. All you have to do is to give us a phone call, or click on (related link) to book an appointment, so our team of professionals will be right over there on the day you choose and will never leave your car until it is fully cleaned, spotless and in pristine condition.

We at Wash O’clock and as a mobile detailing business, pride ourselves for offering our on budget, high-quality and fast provided services

How do we provide a professional interior car detailing?

In Wash O’clock, our professional teams have cleaned many vehicles. They know their way around, so you should never worry about it. We would love to share how we get your car cleaned with our mobile auto detail services.

  1. We get your car’s upholstery rinsed and soaped up. This helps in getting rid of all stains, dirt, and grim which are usually hard to clean it in a regular cleanse.
  2. If there are any leather interiors, they will be fully cleansed. No more dirt!
  3. Plastic and Vinyl surfaces always get indulged. We use special products in order to get them cleaned and reduce the traces of grime and dirt.
  4. Our final touch goes to windows. They get polished and cleaned from inside.

Cleaning the interiors of a vehicle is complicated and has many details to go through. Therefore, we believe it is for your own good that we are not going to mention it here. Yet, if you give us a ring or book an appointment through (related link) we will be right over there in Vaughan, North York, Toronto, Mississauga, GTA and surroundings areas. and let you witness the magic that out team will do to your vehicle.

Would anyone ever wish for more?

We, Wash O’clock, know exactly what a client wishes for or expect. Their ultimate wish of having their car looking brand new inside and outside. Therefore, we have always followed our sole “No more” rule.

  • No more stains or spots;
    Our Professional team of detailing technicians tracks and attacks spots and stains immediately. Carpet, seats, mats, roof lining, etc. are fully cleaned. In order to achieve a fresh nice clean feel and finish, our team uses deep upholstery shampoo to agitate, and loosen and extract embedded contaminants
  • No more bad smells;
    We Wash O’clock are qualified enough to deal with bad smells and odor inside your car. Once we finish, you will be able to smell and enjoy the new car fragrance and freshness.
  • No more germs;
    When you get your car detailed with us, we make sure that we eliminate dirt, bacteria, and germs which can be caused by kids, pet, beverage spills or even food scraps.

Our Interior Car Detailing Services Include

Our interior detail packages include an extensive variety of tools. Our goal is to get the inside of your car spotless and brand new. Our professionals are not only well-trained they have also gained the needed experience with the tools they use during their detailing process. Our professionals are aware of the proper steps which they have follow in order to make sure we leave you, our precious client, with a spectacular result.

The following is what we will do for the interior detailing package you book for:

  • Thorough vacuum
  • Carpet, seat and floor mat shampooing
  • Windows cleaned (inside and out)
  • Door jams cleaned and steamed
  • All plastics cleaned and protected
  • Headliner cleaned
  • Steam cleaning of the entire interior
  • Cup holders cleaned
  • Seat belts cleaned
  • Trunk detailed
  • Leather conditioning
  • Stain removal
  • Air freshener

You can always get your tailored package according to your budget. All you need to do is to give us a call, or click on (related link), so one of our customer care team members will have all your inquiries and needs answered and fulfilled.

Gaining your satisfaction is not a target to achieve, it is an approach each member of our team follows. If you have any concern or need any help, please do contact our customer care department (related link/ contact number)