Mobile Car Detailing

We are fully- equipped professionals who provide a top to bottom car detail directly to your location. In our hectic, workaholic society, people barely have the time to take their vehicles to a detailer in order to keep them clean. Therefore, we provide the solution of mobile auto detailing service. If you live in; Vaughan, North York, Toronto, Mississauga, GTA and surroundings areas, we travel to your home or office or any location of your choice to wash, wax, and pamper your vehicles. We reach there with our equipment, supplies, water and electricity. We are experienced enough to know which products to use so as to get the best results. All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy your time while we make your vehicles look gorgeous again.

Customer Satisfaction

With each detailing step, we guarantee a high level of satisfaction doing our best because we put the customer first. The final look of your vehicle is of a great priority to our team, which is why each of our technicians is fully trained to ensure the finest car detailing service. Eventually, we keep our team of detailing technicians up to date with the latest techniques in the car detailing industry. Meeting the expectations of our clients is one of our goals, no doubt! Yet we strive to exceed their expectations through providing a topnotch auto detailing service. 

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Is car detailing an essential? It surely is.

Keeping your car in its finest condition is never optional; therefore, proper maintenance is a must. Your car faces many throughout the time such as sun, rain, snow, dirt which can result damages in your car without regular cleaning. This can lead to lowering the re-sale or trade-in value of your car later on. Therefore, you should prolong the life of your car by cleaning both the interior and exterior of it. 

If you are looking for perfect results after cleaning, you should keep in your mind that automated car washes are never enough. This is due to the fact that sometimes you find water spots and other different marks remaining on your car windows and bumper. For this reason, having your car detailed professionally by a trained team is a must. You shall never underestimate the magic a hand car wash can do. You will have your vehicle top-to-bottom cleaned. You should always look for a full service car wash. 

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Do we only pamper your car? Definitely, no!

In Wash O’clock we also provide truck detailing. Our mobile detailing services for trucks is always your number one choice. This is because we don’t only save your time, but we also help you save money through providing you with the highest quality of service at your budget. We are always proud of our highly-trained detailing technicians and the distinguished services they offer to our clients which make each detailing experience a standout. 

It is true that cleaning your truck helps prolonging its life. It also prolongs the life of your truck’s resale value. We know that washing a truck is not as easy as it sounds; it is quite hard especially without hiring the right professionals to do it. Our detailing professionals have the best techniques to clean your truck perfectly to make it look its best. You don’t have to bring your vehicle; as long as you live in Vaughan, North York, Toronto, Mississauga, GTA and surroundings areas we will reach you once your schedule is made. 

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Extra Fees? No way for that!

Our detaining professionals spends as much time as your vehicle needs, and they never leave until they are sure that the results are up to the tiptop standards and the customers’ expectations.
What put us out of the ordinary from most detailing services providers is that we let getting your car detailed be as convenient as possible. You don’t have to drop your car off at a detailing shop and find a ride back home, we will come directly to your place.
In some cases, if we face any trouble detailing at your home, we can offer you a pickup with no extra charges.
Add to all that, there will be no hidden fees that you have to worry about at Wash O’clock; We make sure that we are away from doing things that annoy clients with any other businesses. We know that there is nothing more annoying than believing you’re getting a service or a product at a certain price and then it suddenly raises with no warning. All our prices are affordable, and we don’t usually add extra fees for pet hair, mold, extra dirty, horrible smell… etc. We keep our words. 

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Why should you choose Wash O'clock?

Wash O’clock is always your first choice for auto washing and detailing services. This is due to the fact that we provide a wide range of outstanding services including Interior & Exterior detailing, Tire and Wheel Cleaning, waxing and polishing, and much more.

Wash O’clock has been founded for hard working people who never do have the time to clean their vehicles, but they also love to do that regularly. Wash O’clock is able to change any parking space or home drive away into a place of cleanliness with no interruptions. Getting a regular routine of professional car cleaning from experts makes your ride look new for years to come because this regular cleaning routine helps preventing corrosion and rust. Whether it’s a basic wash a full interior detailing service our results will always meet your expectations and even beyond. 

How would you get use of our services?

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  2. Book an appointment according to your schedule. 
  3. Our car detailing professionals travel to you with the highest quality of supplies and equipment 
  4. Your Vehicle is professionally detailed and looking gorgeous.